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2010 latest movies

Film Terbaru Indonesia - Pedangdut who tested the role of the art world, Angel Lelga, admitted acting very lucky to have collided with an American porn star, Tera Patrick, in the latest movie, Moan Kuntilanak Virgin.
Tera Patrick I think he's amazing, sexy aura strong. Never mind the boys, I wrote as women see keseksiannya goosebumps. Angel Lelga
Film Terbaru - Tera Patrik bloody Thailand (mother) and American (father) started playing porn movies since 1999. Tera was born in Great Falls, Montana, July 25, 1976."It's nice really, because it was really heavy casting and fitting last minute, I've given know if later on the same co-star Hollywood actress, Tera Patrick," said Angel Lelga when contacted via cell phone in Jakarta on Thursday (7 / 10 / 2010).

During the shooting along with Tera, Angel demanded little might make mistakes when playing Lilly, the main character in the film.

"The last shooting her last week. In (part), I was only 10 days in Jakarta the same full at the Peak. And, Tera shooting with me just three days, so I sued baseball may be wrong," said Angel.

However, Tera's turn to show his acting skills in front of the camera, Angel admitted shudder to see the player adult movies that spit keseksiannya.

"I think he's amazing, sexy aura strong. Never mind the boys, I wrote as women see keseksiannya goosebumps," said Angel.

Angel, who also prosecuted beradegan "challenging", also admitted acting skill Tera difficult to replicate.

"I'm still trying to run a claim and it turns out baseball seprofesional may easily create a duplicate him, an aura of sexiness him out naturally," said Angel. Outside of acting, Tera Angel familiar figure as a welcoming and friendly.

"Tera nice person, she happens to lovers of Hello Kitty, I had him exchange slippers. According to the Hollywood star with my work I had to know his mood. I have to know the main star and the red yarn. Since I became the character of Lili, her sister Tera in the movie , "Angel said.

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