Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Nonton TV Lewat Internet

Nonton TV Lewat Internet - I am a customer of Indosat IM2 internet and Pay TV with Id 060 700 940 since 3-4 years ago. Two first-year run like heaven where IM2 is considered very good service. the last two years of service to deteriorate slowly. Internet connection is not stable. I play games that require stability not bandwidth connection. connections needed only 10 percent of the total bandwidth it but it did not materialize, the connection is always interrupted in the middle of the road.

At that time I've complained over and over - once the results are the same. I've stopped playing current therefore IM2 connections are very bad. Now this is only used to browse. but now as I write this letter, could only be used local browsing like kompas.com. 30min while international've continued to refresh the page still does not open. This happens 3-4 times a week in which at night can only browse the local.

I've never calls to CS IM2 because I know the results the same, only my pulse just once buang2 nearly 10 000 calls to no avail. therefore I am writing this letter in the hope that more attention by the IM2.

I wish there was another provider for my home area IM2 past. I've moved 100 percent of the provider. and it will surely happen one day, when your rival into my home area. whether the Parties IM2 want that to happen to all customers? Added number of customers must be balanced with additional bandwidth, rather than the addition of a special phone line with rates for CS 900/menit IM2, for this I saw IM2 utilize the circumstances in which many customer complaints to find the money by setting up special phone lines.

Funds should be used to improve existing networks for customer satisfaction. I've heard complaints about Internet providers other and it also was holding me to move to other providers, and I hope IM2 not like that.

I Please fix your network, adjust the number of customers, customer satisfaction is supposed to be one rather than the number of subscribers normor This has been going on outside the country but apparently has not happened Indonesias where the customer is always in a weak position. Thank you.

Aries Samesta
Sunter Hijau Raya T2/10

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