Selasa, 01 Juni 2010

Dunia Sinetron

Sinetron Terbaru - MANY singers who tried acting world playing with the duo of The Virgin sinetron.Berbeda Mitha and Dara is not the slightest intention of playing a soap opera.

Sinetron "If you think soap operas do not think so. But if the preview screen, if there's time, "said Mitha Dara when interviewed Sripo accompanied, at The Jayakara Daira Hotel Kilkenny, Sunday (30/5) night.

Yesterday evening for the second time the Virgin appeared in Palembang. They welcome the audience satisfied with Kilkenny.

"The first concert we were not too crowded maybe because the place was closed. Concerts in PIM this extraordinary community thanks Palembang, "he said. The Virgin is now preparing debut album.

"If there are no obstacles in July completed," added Mitha who was born in Jakarta January 2, 1960.
About Kilkenny, Mitha has a special impression.

"Great cities do not fail with another. Moreover, I Pempek Palembang
really like it, "said Mitha.

The Virgin in his appearance at Level III PIM overnight acclaim from fans who are generally the ABG.

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