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Honda Revo Matic Internet

Honda Revo Matic - CV-Matic machine that carried Honda Revo AT Techno is the latest generation of Honda created specifically for the Asean market. Principal of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. of Japan was first introduced in 2009. Meanwhile PT Astra Honda Motor, ATPM Honda motorcycles in Indonesia, just take it inside this year.

Honda Revo -In addition to being a pioneer, AHM also succeeded in creating a new market segment by releasing underbone motorcycle (duck) tech matic. CV-Matic works to increase driving comfort, like a scooter matic that uses rubber belts to drive a V-belt transmission gear connected with a chain to rotate the rear wheels.

This engine configuration is more compact, producing more optimal rotation transmission and can be applied to the machine model underbone aka duck. "This engine uses common duck motor oil (not specifically skutik) for applying wet clutch," said Oni Setiawan, Technical Service AHM.

Practicality offered Techo AT Revo makes it easy betik ridden, especially for beginners. When driving, simply stay and turn the gas grip legs and hands kepegalan level decreases.

"The condition of the road right now, especially in large cities, the average loss. Of course the automatic transmission will be far more practical and reduce tiredness when driving," said Augustine, Indra Putra, General Manager of Marketing Planning AHM Analysis.

In addition to lively urban congestion-prone, practicality CV-Matic machine also offers comfort when driving long distances. The Smart Revolution Journey touring, the group had traveled 602 kilometers between the Jakarta-Bandung, Tegal, Semarang-Kudus.

"Comfortable abis. Because matic, we did not bother to replace the tooth. So you can rest your left foot all the way. Fatigue factor is reduced significantly," said Andi (22) from Jakarta Club Honda Revo.

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