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Prediksi Jerman Vs Spanyol Tonton

Prediksi Jerman Vs Spanyol - World Cup 2010 has reached the semi-finals. One ladder again four teams qualifying for the semifinals, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Uruguay will fight to determine two of the most best among them to appear on most top party terakbat football competitions such as the universe.

Jerman Vs Spanyol - Dominate the three European representatives and one representative of Uruguay in Latin America that this semifinal, such as repeating the history of the past World Cup. Since the 1972 World Cup, European and Latin American region to become the most frequently distributed to the semi-final team.

Only the 1978 World Cup semi-final in Argentina and 2002 in Korea / Japan, a somewhat different composition. At the World Cup held in Asia, Europe only put two deputies, Germany and Turkey are two other representatives from Latin America, Brazil and Asia represented South Korea.

Based upon the strength and performance of four teams since the 2010 World Cup whistle blew, Germany and the Netherlands cruised into the finals favorites. If that scenario happens, this is the final dream and is considered the most ideal to cover a grand party that is expected to present the game interesting at the end of four of this annual event.
Tactics Bert Van Marwijk Dutch coach who left the Total Football, a typical Dutch football has so far proven accurate. The combination of speed and vision of the game Arjen Robben Sneijder Welsey unreliable.

If it was already stuck, Sneijder has proved that he still could be a decisive factor. The Netherlands has been proven when they roll up your favorite team champions, Brazil in the last four and with the score 2-1.

Power Der Oranje very visible at the time, winning the prestigious top five-time world champion is certainly getting whipped up the spirit of Bert Van Marwijk landing troops for the conquest of Uruguay in the semi-finals which will be in the title, Tuesday (6 / 7).

While Der Panzer middle craze. They appeared as the most productive teams in this tournament with 13 goals. Their defense was good with the new classified conceded two goals. Fair if they were also seeded into the final.
Der Oranje Power rested with the effective and productive game in the style of Der Panzer certainly will be presenting a very interesting spectacle at the party end of the World Cup which was first held in the African Continent.

Long wait millions of people to watch the new world champion in the whole universe will be satisfied if at least two European giants who are in their best performance at the party's top fighter collided.
But football is not an exact science. The underdog and is expected to appear in the final can not be absolutely smoothly advanced to the final. However, Uruguay and Spain still have the same chance with the Dutch and German.

To be advanced to the finals, the German must pass before hadangan Spain on Thursday, (8 / 7) pm dawn, the next. Spain determined to repeat his success at Euro 2008 Spain is still the motivation that must be present threat to Germany.

However, La Furia Roja are often blocked when the teams meet to play defensive or defensive meetings, take the example of Switzerland in time face and the group phase against Paraguay in the quarterfinals. This is where the Germans could do exploration because their defense was solid-solid.
Hope Spain was again linked with David Villa. This 28-year-old attacker scored five of the six goals Matador team in this tournament.
However, this also proves that the squad landing Vicente Del Bosque a little too dependent on Villa. What if the last defender, the defender also successfully shut down the movement of German Villa to reach for their dreams to appear in the final.

While the quiet of pemfavoritan Uruguay could also be considered one eye. The only remaining representative of Latin America it could bring a surprise to exploit the weaknesses of the Dutch back line that looked less organized with typical latin rapi.Perpaduan individual skill by making hunger striker Diego Forlan scored as the final settlement, at least it will make a re-think the Dutch to attack Uruguay spartan manner. (Tribunnews / cen)

Brilliant Diregen
Xavier Hernandez Creus (Xavi Hernandez)
Birth: Terrassa, Spain, January 25, 1980
Club: Barcelona
Position: Playmaker
Goals in South Africa: -

With a height of "only" 170 centimeters, Xavi posture seideal no other professional ball players on the European continent. However, Barcelona midfielder was actually recognized as one of the best playmaker in this universe. He won Man of the Match in the Champions League final in 2009 and Player of the Year at the European Cup in 2008.
Xavi with duties as a playmaker, not separated from the vision of play and individual skills possessed. He is mentioned as a conductor to determine the rhythm of the game team. Kerab born from his feet also passes pampering measurable goal striker to break the opponent, or he himself who scored, especially from dead ball execution.

Just Left-Right Leg
David Villa
Born: Tuilla, Spain December 3, 1981
Club: Barcelona
Position: Striker
Goals: 5

The factors that make the Villa became so sharp and interested European clubs giant, one satunyaadalah Villa ability to control the ball using the left foot and right foot equally well. The ability to control the foot / left hand and foot / right hand equally well called ambidexterity. Very rarely people have the advantages of this kind.

* German
Not the Captain, but the Boss
Bastian Schweinsteiger
Born: Kolbermoor, Germany January 8, 1984
Club: Bayern Munich
Position: Playmaker
Goals: -

Germany coach Joachim Loew is okay to choose Philipp Lahm as captain for the World Cup in 2010 to replace the injured Michael Ballack. However, the real boss "Die Mannschaft" is Bastian Schweinsteiger.
Schweinsteiger took the role of Ballack in the middle of an average squad age of 24 years. With 77 caps and 21 goals is printed for the national team, he is one of the veteran players even though 26 years old. Although not a captain, he is the boss for other colleagues at the German World Cup this time sailing.

ICAR World Cup record
Marian Miroslav Klose
Born: Opole, Poland, 6 September 1978
Playing at the Club: Bayern Munich
Nationality: German
Position: Striker
Goals: 4

Miroslav Klose celebrated his 100th match that ditorehnya German national team with excellent results. 32-year-old striker is not just bringing "Der Panzer" 4-0 win over Argentina on Sunday (4 / 7) at dawn yesterday, but he also scored twice, bringing the total goals in South Africa has four fruit ..
Additional Klose scored two goals made closer to his ambition to become a top score of all time World Cup. The reason, he is now only attached to one of the Brazilian striker, Ronaldo, who is still the top scorer four of this annual event with 15 goals Raihan.
Now, Klose has been packing a total 14 goals in World Cup. He started collecting these goals since the World Cup in 2002 and 2006, where the two previous events that he collected a total of 10 goals.

* Netherlands
Kreator Netherlands
Wesley Sneijder
Born: Utrecht, The Netherlands, June 9, 1984
Club: Inter Milan
Position: Playmaker
Goals: 4
Although putting a small, Wesley Sneijder have speed, strength to hold the ball and passing accuracy. That's what makes it a place as midfield general in the Netherlands.
Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland deserves to be called as early golden Sneijder with Caps. Action when the Netherlands scored their second goal to goal Italy in the group stage to make his name stick in the gray cells soccer lovers "Windmills of State."
In South Africa, Sneijder has shown himself as a Dutch game creators. The game is very stable and tended to increase. In South Africa, Sneijder has scored four goals

Just print and Assist
Arjen Robben
Born: Bedum, Netherlands, January 23, 1984
Club: Bayern Munich
Position: Midfielder Wings
Goals: 1

Not in vain the Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk maintain Arjen Robben in the team despite the hamstring injury ahead of 2010 World Cup in South Africa scrolling. Not playing in two games, group stage, did not reduce the power of creation.
We go down round match against Slovakia at the World Cup final perdelapan 2010, which was restored immediately show a very attractive appearance, including his first goal of the initial success of "Oranje" in the match in Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban, so they win 2-1 and qualify into the quarter-finals. And one of his assists disundul by hacking into the goal Sneijder Brazil and the Netherlands to the semi-finals bring.


Martin Diego Forlan Corazo
Born: Montevideo, Uruguay, May 19, 1979
Club: Atletico Madrid
Position: Striker
Goals: 3

Diego Forlan Corazo Martin, better known by the name striker Diego Forlan is a Uruguayan national team currently playing in La Liga Spain with Atletico Madrid.
Forlan was born in a football family. His father, Pablo Forlan, Uruguay is a former national team players at the World Cup in England in 1966 and 1974 in West Germany. Grandfather Forlan, Juan Carlos Corazo, is a former player Independiente (Argentina). Diego Forlan has double nationality, Uruguay and Spain.
At the 2010 World Cup, Diego Forlan of Uruguay remained the main star. Uruguay hopes a lot of goals to be born. If that happens, victory is getting closer. Forlan could prove to be the mainstay. During qualifying, he became the top scorer with seven goals and played a major role to pass the Uruguay round final.
Forlan could also be a differentiating factor Uruguay. He has a rich international experience. That can be very useful in dealing with intense competition, the World Cup.

Nestor Fernando Muslera Micol
Born: Montevideo, Uruguay, June 16, 1986
Nationality: Uruguay
Club: Lazio
Position: Goalkeeper

Although managed to hold two penalty kicks in prempatfinal Ghana, Uruguay goalkeeper Nestor Fernando Muslera Micol theta modestly. He admitted that he was not too gives his role for the team. According to Muslera, in fact his team has not worked at all. "Honestly, so far I have not had too much work, and this is all due to the hard work-mates from my team," said goalkeeper Lazio, Italy this.
In fact, twice on penalties, which is against South Korea, Musleralah who stood under the crossbar.

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